GET FIT IN 14 DAYS w/ Ellen - $75

I have spent years trying to figure out the best way to burn fat, get lean, and tone up in all the right places! This program will target that underarm fat, build a perky booty, and get those abs showing! Gym or no gym, you will be completing 4 specific and well written workouts a week using a light weight set, and heavy weight set.

**For best results, try our custom meal plans to figure out the best pre-workout and post-workout meals, and foods that will help you burn fat and stay lean.**


Our most challenging plan yet! It's time to put those buns to the test.. weights or no weights, we have created a 4-week butt sculpting plan designed to bring the confidence out in you. Since this plan is focused on the glutes, that means you will be burning a lot of calories on the road to a booty-ful booty.

“That was a KILLER. I love feeling like I can't walk after a workout”

"I am feeling so great and definitely feeling and seeing a big change! My friends and family are even noticing. Thank you for bringing my confidence back!"

"I've literally been so sore both days so far! It has been such a good transition to get back into shape. My legs and abs are on fire today...

-30 Day Challenge users