You asked for it, and I delivered :) I call it my "Seasonal Edition", but you really can eat all these yummy and healthy options whenever, because I sure do! All recipes are gluten free OR have a gluten free option. Recipes include: 3 post workout smoothie opt, 3 breakfast opt, 1 lunch/brunch, 3 snacks/sides, and 3 desserts! I worked so hard on perfecting each recipe, I hope you enjoy!


It is essential what foods we put in our body and when. Are you working out super hard and not seeing any results? This is Ellen's daily meal plan including 2 options for every meal (10 options total)! After years of research and trying new foods, these brands and meals are most effective for maintaining a lean and toned body.


If you're having trouble getting lean then it may be time to switch up the diet! Everyone has a diet that works best for their body, and this is Jed's! After trying multiple diet plans over the years, this is the daily diet that provided the leanest look for Jed while maintaining muscle and energy. "I found that if I followed this diet along with a good training plan my body would change pretty fast. It really just comes down to consistency and having the discipline to stick with it a while. The meals are very straight forward and affordable." - Jed Wyatt


Liv’s meal guide combines fresh & easy-to-find whole foods to fuel your everyday life. Whether you’re just starting out your journey with fitness or need some new inspiration, Liv guides you through her favorite go-to meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some healthy desserts (12 total). A perfect guide if you’re looking for a bit of healthy & delicious direction when it comes to eating well.

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I have spent years trying to figure out the best way to burn fat, get lean, and tone up in all the right places! This program will target that underarm fat, build a perky booty, and get those abs showing! Gym or no gym, you will be completing 4 specific and well written workouts a week using a light weight set, and heavy weight set.

**For best results, try our custom meal plans to figure out the best pre-workout and post-workout meals, and foods that will help you burn fat and stay lean.**


Our most challenging plan yet! It's time to put those buns to the test.. weights or no weights, we have created a 4-week butt sculpting plan designed to bring the confidence out in you. Since this plan is focused on the glutes, that means you will be burning a lot of calories on the road to a booty-ful booty.